Payment methods

So the powers that be decided to classify ACRB as a Nutraceutical product (regulated as a dietary supplement and food additive by the FDA) which is causing a lot of headaches for us an other vendors as normal payment processors don't want to sign us up due to this new classification.

We do however have alternative payment methods, if you are too scared to try bitcoin, select the invoice via email button at checkout and we will send you in the right direction or send you an invoice where you can pay with a credit card if you can't find your way.

If however if you would like to try out bitcoin,  here is an easy way to do it:

  • Install the app, 
  • hook it up to your debit card, 
  • buy some bitcoin instantly, 
  • transfer it to a bitcoin wallet (mycelium is a great wallet for anonymity, but transactions are a bit slow)  
  • then select go coin or bitpay at checkout on our website and pay with the bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet.  

Due to the volatility of the bitcoin market we would recommend buying the bitcoin right before buying ACRB from us, that way you don't loose any value.

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