Shipping & Payments



We don't know if you have ever been to the Big Island, but if you ever come for a visit you will notice that Hawaiian time is a bit slower than normal time.

However, we try to be as fast as we can when it comes to shipping your product to you.

We always have ACRB & Kukui in stock,  it might not always be dry enough to ship though, and therefore might take a while to ship out depending on the weather. (contrary to popular belief, the sun doesn't always shine in paradise, we actually have a lot of rain here) Due to gentrification we are also experiencing staff shortages which adds up to slower shipping times.


Due to some people taking advantage of our return policy our policy has changed: Please test out a small amount of the product before using. If you do no like the color of the dye, please return the rest of the unused product and we will send over a refund or gladly replace it.  You have 30 days from when the item was shipped to let us know that you are not happy with your product.


So the powers that be decided to classify ACRB as a Nutraceutical product (regulated as a dietary supplement and food additive by the FDA) which is causing a lot of headaches for us an other vendors as normal payment processors don't want to sign us up due to this new classification.

We do however have alternative payment methods, if interested please go through with the check-out process



The dry season is supposed to be between April & October, hurricane season is usually between June & November and then the wet season is supposed to be between November & March. Lately, probably due to the effects of climate change, rising ocean temperatures the weather seems to be a bit out of whack.  We prefer drying our roots in the sun, so the reason why it might take longer for your item to ship is because of the unusual weather and we are waiting on a couple of days of sunshine.  



We are not shipping internationally at this time.