Mahalo's for all the compliments, since we don't have a review feature on our website we are posting some of them here.


I'm beyond blessed to have found you, I was skeptical bcuz your price is unbeatable and typically I'd expect trunk bark, but after years of messing with acrb i can tell for a fact it's 100% root bark. The density is what I noticed proves rb

I recieved my bark last week. I have been using this bark this weekend and found it to be above average quality for the vendors I have tried so far. You are the third vender and I will be continuing to use you for my orders. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the fast service and shipping. I am in Arkansas and it took less than a week. I appreciate what you do and the fact you make it affordable. Beautiful colored bark and a good smell. Thanks again. 

The dye/dyed fabrics made from your bark came out very rich and appeared to be of great quality.

hey I've ordered a lot of bark from you in the past year. probabaly 7+ kilos. that being said it is amazing quality for making dye

Thank you so much you two are awesome I have to tell you the way you handled everything I have not once been worried about things not working out  and from what everyone else says about y'all I'm sure to return so thanks again aloha aloha

The package arrived without trouble. Just wanted to thank you for your fine service. 

Also, I ordered some from you all, about 6-12 months ago, and compared the dye results to 2 other sources of Acacia. I used the same dye method on each batch, and your Acacia was by far the best. Ive never seen Acacia confusa of this quality. 

Thank you very much for your service! 

Thank you so much I really appreciate that you were waiting for a higher-quality bark to be dry I don't want anything of low or even medium-quality you are amazing

As the muscle robot guy says..."I'll be back".

Thank you kindly for the extra shredded  as it works just as well ... if not better... hope you weren't affected  by the hurricane seen some island had a deluge 

I just wanted to let you guys know how satisfied I am with your order. My tie dies came out absolutely fantastic! And i was actually really impressed with the shredded that you sent me. I actually liked it better than the powdered! I will be putting in a bigger order here soon. Thanks again!!

You guys are simply the best honestly am so amazed with everything from the first time i contacted you to the parcel arriving you have been utter perfection. You guys rock !! Happy to give high ratings and post good feedback anywhere you need . So happy to work with you guys in the future

No worries I know how drastic weather can be on the islands.

Appreciate you guys!

Hey I just received my order. I'm very pleased by the quality! Thank you so much for the gift as well! You definatly will have my business in the future. Is there anywhere you would like me too leave a good review?

Thank you for following through. I sincerely appreciate it.

Very nice. Thanks a million

Hey there, just sending a big thank you for the prompt communication and shipping.

It was received today, so my worries disappeared! Excellent 1st experience with the company. I shall be back.

Can I ask if there is any particular reason why your company's product is better than most others? I have purchased from more than 10 others and I feel yours beats the rest hands down. I have done quite a bit of research into what makes the potency of the bark, age, time of year, geography, etc. Is there anymore information you could possibly give?

I just wanted to say thanks for the quick response to my inquiry.  Your kind reply stating what the hold up was is the best response I have gotten from a company. I must say I really appreciate the honesty. I will gladly purchase from you again and definitely be recommending you to friends!

Thank you for the communication. Keep up the amazing work

Shipment recieved and superb time and quality! thank you so very much for services- such a pleasurable experience doing business with you all.

Perfect, thank you for your time and working with me I appreciate it very much.

Thanks again. You guys rock. P.S. Feedback has been of profound experiences...unlike I've heard in years. I feel a blessing is being carried. Much love,

Your stuff is awesome! All around...great color and generous yield with competitive pricing. Thanks for being great!

I just received my product and I just want to thank you guys

It's a high quality product and I'm really happy with it, I'd come back to your store again!

Thanks again and have a nice day <3

Oh and thanks to everyone for the backbreaking hard labor too harvest this root bark and still sell at a great price, just wonderful, pls keep doing what ur doing, it is wonderful and selfless, I admire ppl like u and ur staff and everyone who makes this possible, I could go on an on bra, thank you 

You guys are amazing the root bark looks fantastic thank you so much I got it earlier than expected I can't wait to continue business through you guys thank you and if there's anywhere I could leave a review let me know have a wonderful day

I’m enthused by the fast replies, customer service, and you guys seem chill; namaste, will be using your well designed website to order

Great thanks for making it right

Infinite blessings to you hard workers. The hair dye worked WONDERS. A++++++++++++++

Thank you, received quickly this time.

Thanks for the great service! No need to rush. Take your time.

I was trying to find out why there's a sudden shortage of acrb on ebay. They said your service is very good.

Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to refer anyone I know who needs bark to your site.